Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tools of the Trade

These are some of my chosen writing tools. We've got three different notebooks, a sketchbook, several different colours of pens, and a pencil. Though you can see that, actually. I write on a computer, but I like to compile my thoughts and inspirations in notebooks.
I mostly use the black notebook, and it's slowly starting to fill with absurd notes like, reminders to pay my application fee for CSUCI, bits of dialogue ("I rather think I have a better grasp on English than you do."), and chunks of snark like "He is a middle-school girl, okay?" 
The big one is strictly for my current project. So far, I have notes on the species I've created (also a drawing), decisions on how to feel about certain characters, and quotes that act as inspiration. This is where the different colours come in handy. Each has a different purpose, though, truth be told, I haven't totally figured out what yet. Still useful.
Seriously, though, I am literally never without something to write with and on. When I went to the Renaissance Faire and couldn't find the little circle notebook, I made one out of sketchbook paper. I'm clever like that. My iPad works in a pinch as well. At the end of the day, I just collect relevant things into the black notebook, and one of these days, I'll do the same with my big notebook.
Finally: a sketch of a character and some really messy writing. It's all good, yo.

Monday, April 29, 2013

So Still, So Serene

Have I said that I'm terrible at summarising things? Because I am. I really, really am.
That being said, I've taken another crack at it and come up with one that's really short and not that hideous. I think.
This story, like so many others, is about a girl who marries a prince and finds her Happily Ever After. Quite a lot happens between the first and the last, though, as Callie finds herself ruling a nation at war. Personal tragedies befall her, but she keeps on going; after all, the queen is a beacon of hope.
Okay, I still hate it. I guess I just have to keep coming up with summaries until I find one that doesn't make me want to tear my hair out in giant clumps. Blah.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Live Mermaids

Sometimes, during your research, you come across people who are way too convinced that mermaids are real. Guys, seriously. The US National Ocean Service said that no evidence has ever been found. And this was last year.
I love researching for novels, you just discover all sorts of things that you never intended to know about.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ever the Professional

Truth be told, most of my writing process includes playing Tetris. I can't even say it aids in inspiring me or whatever, it's just fun.
Maybe I'm a Tetris addict.
Can't stop, won't stop.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

On Loop

While writing The Willow Queen, there were quite a few songs that I played constantly. I had two playlists set up for it, one with more modern songs, one that sounded more like a movie score, and it was fantastic. For this second project, I'm sadly lacking Spotify, so I'm just randomly sifting through music in the hidden realms within YouTube. Worth it.
Either way, here are two of the songs I had on repeat for The Willow Queen.

"Soldier On" by Temper Trap. It sort of became my theme song for my main character, and it became a major inspiration for the whole novel. It has a tremendous sort of strength that was channeled directly into the main character, and I think it affected it hugely. Not that I'm complaining.
"Metamorphosis 2" by Philip Glass was another major inspirational song. This one went on the playlist that sounded like a movie score, for good reason. It starts off a bit solemn, but there's the undercurrent of, I dunno, excitement, I think, running through it. I dunno, it just fit. I'm the writer, I say it works.
Also, while writing the book, I ended up listening to more Renaissance and traditional Indian music than I'd ever assumed I would, ever. These are things that happen.