More About Me

I'm Sarah, and I'm currently attending school for biology (with a dash of chemistry on the side). Aside from blogs and various fiction websites, my writing is as yet unpublished. As I've sort of been hit in the head with a real passion for it, though, I'm hoping to change that eventually.
I recently finished my first novel, and am thinking of getting it published in the near-ish future. I'm also eager to look into freelance writing for various publications. I may be majoring in biology, but I really do love writing. As Cousteau has proven, you can do both.
Even if he wasn't officially a biologist.
You know how it is.
I've been writing creatively since I was a kid, often filling up notebooks with handwritten stories that were more poor illustration than anything else. I like to think that my writing has evolved tremendously since then. I can only hope.
One thing that has not improved, however, is my ability to summarise anything. It doesn't matter whether I wrote it or not, I am absolutely horrendous at it. We all have our problems, and this is mine.
If you're interested in my writing process, the things that inspire my fiction, and any of the other nonsense I'll be posting here, then feel free to hang around. It would be lovely of you.